If you have had the misfortune to be injured, your first contact with medical services is likely to be through an Emergency Department, whether locally in the South West, elsewhere in the UK or even overseas.

I would be happy to take over your care, regardless of the timing since your injury. I can arrange for your transfer to the Nuffield Hospital in Plymouth, either as an inpatient pre-operatively for me personally to perform your surgery, or post-operatively to arrange your rehabilitation.

Through out patient clinics available at times to suit you, your on going care and rehabilitation can be organized with a minimum amount of disruption, at a time when your usual routine is likely to have been markedly altered.

I understand the importance of returning to your pre-injury functional level as soon as possible, for both your physical and mental well being. This varies from pain free mobility after hip fracture all the way through to a return to competitive sport in high-level athletes. What ever your goals after injury, I can help you to achieve them.