Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacements are one of the great success stories in orthopaedic surgery. They have successfully been implanted for over 50 years. They reliably and reproducibly alleviate the pain caused by hip arthritis.

Recent improvements in the materials used for the implants and bearing surfaces have extended their lifespan dramatically. You can reasonably expect your hip replacement to last 15 years, and frequently much longer. How long a hip will last before needing to be replaced again depends on many factors. Possibly the single most important factor is the implant positioning, which largely depends on the skill of your surgeon. This is absolutely critical in younger, heavier, more active patients, who place greater demands on their prostheses than older, lighter, more sedentary patients.

Age itself is not a restriction to hip replacement surgery. Suitability is determined predominantly by the symptoms that you have. If you have pain at night or at rest that is not controlled by simple measures then a total hip replacement may be worth considering. Simple non operative measures include walking aids, lifestyle changes, weight loss or over the counter pain killers. You may not be ready to give up tennis, golf, sailing, walking or gardening but hip pain may be preventing you doing these activities as much as you would like. A total hip replacement may be the ideal solution for you.

If you are concerned about your hips, or would like to have further information about the individual treatment options available to you, I would be delighted to discuss them with you in one of my clinics.