Total Knee Replacement

 A total knee replacement (TKR) is an excellent option for you if your painful arthritic knee has failed to settle down with simple measures such as pain killers, walking aids and lifestyle changes. There is no upper or lower age limit for TKR. Suitability is determined by your symptoms, signs and radiological findings.

If your sleep is being disturbed by pain, you have pain when sitting down, or you can’t be as active as you would like, be it golf, gardening or walking, now might be the right time to consider a knee replacement.

Depending on your individual requirements, based predominantly on the degree of degeneration within your knee, I can select the most suitable prosthesis to give you the best possible outcome. My preference is to utilize computer aided navigation to optimize implant position, the single most important factor in the life span of your prosthesis.

You are likely to be an inpatient for around 2 days, and are only discharged home once I’m entirely satisfied with your progress. The physiotherapy team start your intensive rehabilitation on the first post operative day. A wide variety of anaesthetic options are available to you. Your anaesthetist will discuss these with you on the day of surgery.

If you feel that you would benefit from a knee replacement or would like some more information about how it may benefit you in the future, I would be delighted to discuss your options in my clinic.